Upgrade your mobile experience with a top-notch mobile app development company. We are specialized with providing the industry best user experience along with the perfect design, development and launch. Our 15+ years of experience has allowed us to deliver multiple projects at same time. Striving for excellence?

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Services We Offer

Whether it is Custom Mobile App Development or Providing the best user experience throughout the use, we provide valued mobile app development services that follows futuristic approach and innovation. We guarantee on providing the best Quality Code and Improved Outcomes.

App Development

Custom Mobile App Development.

We understand your business type and are able to handle your every on-demand mobile application needs, that helps you to grow. Our expert team of mobile app developers work closely on your requirements and put their every effort, to make sure they meet with your instructions properly.. From beauty to e-commerce, we have covered it all.

Web Development

Android App Development

It takes an expert team and best code quality for a perfect Android app development. We offer award-winning Android App Development Services with the best approach of technology and use cases. We deeply analyze your requirements and focus on providing scalability to the projects and feedback for its optimal working.


iOS App Development

iOS has always been a leading edge in the industry. Our team assures us to provide the top-rated iOS App Development Services and advance user experience applications for best use. With Applify, you can take advantage of getting tailor made solutions for your business which will definitely add value to your user’s life.

What Mobile app services have we covered?

Nevertheless it is custom app development or traditional, we provide end-to-end mobile app development services that helps to revamp the business smoothly.

On-demand apps

Don't settle yourself with the traditional business ideas when you can grow with getting the on-demand app from Custom Mobile App Development Company.

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Ecommerce & Marketplace

Switch to your existing way of selling to the Digital Ecommerce marketplace channel. Now get to see how your customer responds to your product with a real time estimator.

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Food & Beverages

Looking to expand your Food and beverages business online? Outreach your business model with apps like Doordash and UberEats that cover the maximum food deliveries in the USA.

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Pickup & Delivery

Wondering how you can outsource your products to the world? Try our on-demand pickup and delivery app solution taking care of all the COVID-19 parameters.

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Automate your transactions by integrating blockchain to your business. Get enhanced proficiency and integrated security with the help of our Blockchain app development.

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Internet of Things

IoT is the new future norm. Go smart by building smart IoT applications and make your life as simple as commanding Alexa.

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Social Networking

Did you know Billions of businesses across the world are expanding their visibility through social media? Get your own social networking mobile app now and help others to grow.

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Healthcare and Medical

After the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized the true meaning of healthcare. No matter if you are looking for On-demand medicines or On-demand doctor, a healthcare mobile app can help you sort all your problems.

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Laundry & Home

Are you some laundry & home business service provider who wants to get a bigger audience with a real time business analysis? We can help you with this. Get deep insights from accepting orders to dispatching it all on your mobile phone today.

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Real Estate

Bring your real estate business online with a real estate application. We make sure your properties are easily listed, fast bookings and offer secure transactions.

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Education & Learning

Get personalized learning experience with the best test series and one-to-one personal interaction with mentors. An Online Education application is now just a click away.

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Banking & Finance

Want to avoid on-site bank visits for making transactions? Get access to digital transactions, netbanking, bank balance and much more with custom banking app development. Got a banking idea?

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Our Mobile App Power Tech

Use our domain and technological knowledge to create unique mobile apps that are safe, scalable, and feature-rich. With Applify, we help you conceive the impossible.

Tools & utilities

  • iOS
  • Kotlin
  • Android
  • Flutter
  • React


  • Angular
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Vue
  • TypeScript

& packages

  • NodeJs
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • .Net


  • MS SQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Amazon RDS


  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • IBM cloud

Our Deliverables

Applify helps bring the ideas into reality. With our clear approach and innovation techniques, we pride ourselves on being a top custom mobile application development company. We work on, "your business, our smartship" to turn your idea to a smart mobile app solution.

User Resarch

User Research

We follow a step-wise approach to mobile app development. We gather information, use cases, evaluate processes and ask for feedback. This helps us build the design solutions that meet users’ needs.

UI Design

UI Design & Visualization

We help in designing the best user interface with custom visual designs and illustrations. Our wonderful team can assist you in designing the uniqueness of the brand with their key expertise.

Clickable Prototype

Clickable Prototype

Applify understands your need for idea validation at an early stage. And what’s better than a clickable prototype that is quick to develop and is not heavy on your pockets?

Front App Development

Frontend Development

We believe that an appealing UI can hold your lead’s attraction for a longer period of time. Applify team helps you get the most appealing frontend with best user experience for better client retention.

Backend Development

Backend Development

Applify checks for your requirements and decides which backend technology suits best for your mobile app development. We build strong backend solutions that fit for every platform.

 Test Before Hiring

Quality Testing

We strive to deliver only excellence and quality in our mobile apps that enable your business to unleash growth while exceeding your customers' expectations.

Startup Credits Worth $200K

Get the best value with us in terms of good user experience and $200K in credits and savings on hosting, payment gateways, analytics, marketing, and other services.

A Few Words from Our Clients.

We have built innovative digital products and platforms that have helped hundreds of businesses expand and grow all over the world since 2014. Don't believe us? Find out what they have to say!

& Recognition

Some achievements along the way that we're proud of



Mobile app development company helps B2B and B2C businesses run smoothly by building their applications. They design, build, maintain their mobile apps and make them glitch-free to avoid any data loss.

    Mobile app development companies develop applications across devices like tablets, wearables, TVs and laptops. Applify follows a simple 6 step process to develop a mobile app:

  • Research & Strategy : Research and strategize based on your idea.
  • UX & UI Design: System Architecture Design and Wireframing.
  • App Development: Implementation, Coding, and Optimization.
  • QA Testing: Troubleshooting and Error Rectification.
  • Deployment: App Launch and Live.
  • Maintenance: Monitoring, Analysis, and Support.

Yes. With every project we take, we make sure that your precious ideas stay safe and secure. For this, we sign an NDA even before receiving your mobile app ideas.

Since 2014, Applify has curated a team of 150+ designers and developers that understand the users’ psychology and market needs.

    You should partner with us for a number of added perks:

  • We have a top-notch team of exceptionally skilled and diversified developers.
  • A bug-free application has always been on the top of our priority list.
  • We have successfully delivered over 400 applications globally .
  • Save money worth $150K+ with our exclusive discounts and partner deals.

The cost of app development depends upon different factors such as complexity, features, business logic, cloud infrastructure, native app vs. cross-platform app development, etc. To get an estimate, you can contact our team and discuss your requirements at

To measure the progress of app development projects in an agile environment, you can look at Sprint progress reports, Gant Chart, Test Reports, etc. With Applify, you can rely on our POs to steer the ship and give you weekly or bi-weekly project updates (depending on priority and team size) with all this info.